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RE: [IPk] lack of contact Abi's experiences

Pat, at times you do seem to engage fingers before brain!  Pity because you
write a lot of good material.

Type 2 diabetes is very complex and is not just a single disease.  There are
a wide variations encompassed within this one title.

I tried ultra low carb (less than 30g carb total per day) and only managed
to REDUCE insulin requirements not come off it.  And at that time I was
exercising a lot, walking miles each day, as well as working day and often
night in research as well as lecturing.

If only our bodies were simple machines and would believe your prescription
along with similar misunderstandings of many nurses and docs.

Rhoda (Type 2 going on weird, having gone through all the regimes in 26
years of living with this darn disease, and now pumping for 2 years +)

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Err Pat, isn't this a bit of an oversimplification? I think some of the type
IIs would be up in arms about this statement (though luckily for you there
aren't many type IIs on this list, and (I would imagine) no type IIs on diet

Obviously keeping down total carbs is one factor, but certainly not the only

one. Losing weight is often a vital component, as is keeping BP low
too much salt, high fat foods, too much alcohol, etc.)
Dieticians should be looking at all these factors too.

> If you are not using insulin, then keeping down the total carbohydrates
> total calories being ingested at any one time (i.e. eating less, and
> low GI foods, and/or "grazing") is all you need to do.
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