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Re: [IPk] Insulin resistence?

Hi Pat
Academic conferences (and whole-day meetings) always do weird things to my BG. 
Usually they send it up because I'm sitting around the place. I've even got a 
"meeting" profile now :-) I don't think I ever get adrenalin rushes in 
meetings or conferences though - I must be in the wrong field, they're never 
that exciting!

I'd love an adrenaline meter....it would solve all my problems with 
competitive sport and BGs rising! I've seen programmes where they measure 
people's stress levels throughout the day, which seems to involve spitting on 
a stick which then goes off to the lab. Roll on home adrenalin testing :-)

Pat Reynolds wrote:
> Thinking about the affects of school (UK and US meanings) and work on
> insulin needs, I wonder if this is the affect of adrenaline.  I have
> just returned from a harrowing week in York - a combination of an
> academic conference (alternately boring/frustrating and exhilarating)
> with helping a friend with a personal crisis which was very emotional.
> So a lot of sitting on chairs, but some trotting between sessions that
> normally doesn't happen.  So I switched down to the lowest of my three
> patterns (I'm on a 508, so basically I have a 'low', 'medium' and 'high'
> setting .... roll on the day I can do percentage changes!).

> I wonder if someone could develop a combined adrenaline and blood
> glucose meter: that way, when I've got my new percentage pump, I could
> go 'oh, I'm 70 (3.5 in the old money), and my adrenaline is at 120
> (something's - don't know what adrenaline is measured in), so not only
> do I need to eat 3g of CHO, but I also need to turn my pump down to 60%
> and re-measure in an hour or so....
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