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Re: [IPk] New way to test BG (rumour)

>Tangentially: All you men on this list, where do you keep your
>glucose meters when you're out and about?  Does diabetes force you
>to carry a bag when you wouldn't otherwise?

Errr... I have a gentleman's handbag :-) Plain polished brown 
leather. 22cm x 15cm x 5cm. 1 zip opens round 3 sides and opens like 
a book, and it has a deep outside pocket and a strap hanging from one 

What's in it? Psion3a PDA in the outside pocket (that's travels 
everywhere with me: electronic diary, address book, alarm clock, word 
processor, world map, metronome, piano keyboard etc). 17 credit-card 
sized things (don't laugh! One says "I am a diabetic"*; 3 health 
insurance cards (for me and my 2 boys); Migrosbank Swiss cash machine 
card; Swiss phone card; Swiss airline Travelclub card; First Direct 
cash machine card; German Postbank cash machine card; Local swimming 
pool card; German driving license; 2 German railcards (one expires 
next week); 2 cash machine cards for an old German bank account; 
Citibank Visa card; First Direct Visa card.) Mobile phone. BG meter 
(Dex/Esprit). Finger pricker. Spare disc of 10 tests for BG meter. 3 
passports (for me and my 2 sons). Cash in 3 currencies: euros, Swiss 
francs, British pounds. Spare infusion set. 30 unit syringe and 
Actrapid penfill for emergency. German work permit. German residency 
permit. A diabetes health record book (same size as a British 
passport). And of course shopping receipts and rail tickets from the 
last month! (Oh, and a small photo of my wife :-) )

Glucose tablets live in one trouser pocket - the pump in the other.

What have got in there that I shouldn't have there? OK - I live near 
the Swiss border, and I go there quite a lot. So I need Swiss bank 
accounts etc. And I'm in Britain quite a lot, so I need British bank 
accounts. And I need German bank accounts. By law I need my (and my 
sons') passports with me at all times. (Someone told me that recently 
a court case established that because the British don't require you 
to carry your passport at all times, the Germans can't force the 
British to in Germany. Fine. But they can force you to present 
yourself at a police within 7 days with your passport - if they want 
to - so I carry it with me. I once didn't report an incident I 
witnessed in Zurich because I didn't have my passport with me!)

And I had my handbag even before I had my pump. It had bottles of 
insulin instead of spare infusion sets!


*I am a diabetic. Hate that. Diabetic is an adjective. Diabetes is 
the noun. I have diabetes.
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