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Re: [IPk] New way to test BG (rumour)

On 11 Jan 2005, at 23:15, Pat Reynolds wrote:

>> If you could test your BG without pain, without using up any 
>> significant
>> material resources or producing any waste, without your doctor telling
>> you you were doing it too often and wasting NHS money, and without
>> having to wash your hands or do any other preparation, how often would
>> you do it?
> About as often as I look at my watch.
> I _think_ I look at my watch about every 20 mins or so.  There _have_
> been studies which will tell you how often people do check the time.
> One key question missing from your list, though, is 'without diverting
> more than a second or two of your attention - comparable to the length
> of time it takes to check your watch or the time on your computer
> display'.

I didn't put that because it didn't occur to me that it could be that 
easy, and I don't think this device they're talking about would make it 
that easy.  I imagine it would still involve taking something out of 
your handbag, holding it up to your eye and pressing a button or two.  
So a similar amount of effort to our current meters.  If it was much 
more, it would be less marketable (at least, I'd rather carry on 
pricking my finger).

I am currently writing a story with a main character who hails from the 
past and has a pocket watch.  I wonder how often he looks at it.

Tangentially: All you men on this list, where do you keep your glucose 
meters when you're out and about?  Does diabetes force you to carry a 
bag when you wouldn't otherwise?

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