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Re: [IPk] lack of contact Abi's experiences

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Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 9:27 PM
Subject: Re: [IPk] lack of contact Abi's experiences

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>>I am new to this list and joined as I am having problems with my
>>pump and control at present and need to talk to others.  I have had
>>diabetes since 1961 and was taught to use carbohydrates from the
>>beginning.  It is only recently that I have joined a list a was very
>>surprised to find that this sort of education is not given.  How do
>>people work out their insulin if they don't know carbohydrate
>>values?  Why did they dieticians change from this method?
> HI

I had a similar regime but was flexible because I knew all the different 
foods I could eat for 50 CHO etc.  However I have always been flexible and 
changed the insulin and the carbs as they are now teaching.  I remember 
meeting one lady in the 60s who got the 50 year medal.  She eat exactly the 
same food at the same time each day with exactly the same insulin.  I 
couldn't believe someone could live like that.  Still she survived 50 years 
in more difficult diabetic times.

What you say about protein  and fat having a measurable effect really 
interested me.  I have not heard anything about this and am having enough 
problem getting my head around fast and slow acting carbs.  You also mention 
the Atkins group.  I have lost 3 stone, thank heavens by partly using the 
Atkins idea - I have cut the carbs considerably but don't go mad on protein. 
Unfortunatly, this Christmas, I had the best Christmas (foodwise) since I 
was diagnosed!!  Some of the weight has gone back and I have got to work 
hard to get back to where I was at the beginning of December.  It all makes 
life interesting.

My problems have come since last week when the battery holder in my pump 
broke.  I was sent a new temporary pump and have had the most awful control 
ever since.  I have thought of so many reason why but today, after I was 1.8 
and then up to 27 my husband had a good look.  He thinks that the levers at 
the end of the reservoir tend to jump up and down hence there are times of 
normal basal and bolus rates and then nothing.  This has meant repeatedly 
taking Lucozede (several times with virtually no effect the night before 
last and then injecting extra insulin.  I felt so ill and like a yoyo.  I am 
in touch with the hospital but I don't think they believe me.  America have 
run tests and say it is OK but I have had it disconnect from me and seen 
that the reservoir lever was not engaged all the time and therefore the 
insulin was not coming out even though the reservoir volume was going down. 
After 2 hours on the phone today to America another pump is being sent to me 
but I have rather lost my confidence.

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