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Re: [IPk] lack of contact Abi's experiences

>I am new to this list and joined as I am having problems with my
>pump and control at present and need to talk to others.  I have had
>diabetes since 1961 and was taught to use carbohydrates from the
>beginning.  It is only recently that I have joined a list a was very
>surprised to find that this sort of education is not given.  How do
>people work out their insulin if they don't know carbohydrate
>values?  Why did they dieticians change from this method?

Hi June -

I was disgnosed aged 11 in 1977. My clinic put me on a fixed carb 
diet 50-20-50-20-40-30 for the 3 big/3 small meals a day. To be able 
to eat-to-target (fixed carb diet) requires similar skills to simply 
know-what-you've-eaten (DAFNE etc).

But I would be lying if I claimed I ate exactly as prescribed. As a 
teenager it was anything goes. But I survived. "The dieticians" - who 
ever they may be - realised that in practice people were not 
following the strict diets doctors were giving them - even if they 
told the doctors they were. Maybe among us here there are a handful 
of people who did/do eat exactly as the doctor tells them 100% of the 
time; personally I'm suspicious of such virtuous claims. So they 
started to preach the "healthy eating" approach instead.

Now, with DAFNE is its various guises, they are having to dust off 
all the old carb-counting books again :-)

Some here claim that protein and fat have a measurable effect on the 
BG. And the Adkins group eat little carb at all. It all adds to the 
spice of life does it not?

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