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Re: [IPk] email messages failing to be delivered to insulin pumpers

>  Hi I've not been able to make contact for quite a while due to emails not
>getting through for some reason - can you see what the problem is if this gets

Hi everyone -

Just a bit of info about the scourge of missing emails...

The Insulin Pumpers computer receives several thousand spam emails 
EVERY DAY. They don't get sent out to everyone because spammers 
aren't members of our group. But if we let our usual discussion group 
software filter them out, our computer would grind to a halt. So that 
things run smoothly, we have bolted on some software that filters out 
spam before it reaches our mailing list software. This software is 
constantly updated with info about where spam is coming from. Lately 
a lot of spam has come via the Yahoo email servers. So sometimes 
emails via Yahoo get deleted. Not an ideal situation, but it's the 
best we can do on a limited budget. Yahoo themselves aren't the 
spammers, but the spammers are using Yahoo to access the internet.

Sometimes btinternet.com and btopenworld.com emails are sent via 
Yahoo (BT may have signed an agreement with Yahoo). So - Fiona and 
Dave Battson - your recent missing emails may have been filtered out. 
If you send an email, and after an hour it has not appeared (or has 
not appeared on the next digest) go to our website, and send via our 
posting webpage:

I'm not saying all Yahoo or btinternet.com emails are filtered out. 
Only some. And it's a changing situation. Sorry there's no ideal 
solution. We do the best we can 8-|

John Neale
Insulin Pumpers UK administrator
mailto:email @ redacted
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe/change list versions,
contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org