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Re: [IPk] No Blind Mice. Thanks To UF Scientists.

Hi Jackie
Vitrectomies are only done as a last resort because they are very very risky, 
and if they don't work, you can lose all your sight in that eye.
Usually the only time they'll do them is either if you have a detached retina, 
or if you have a bleed in your eye that won't clear by itself. By replacing 
the vitreous fluid, basically the blood sticks to it and they suck it all out 
(nice). So it's really more of a side effect that you're less likely to have 
problems with bleeds etc once you've had a vitrectomy. I don't think it causes 
any particular problems long term, it's just the risk factor involved. And 
 it's not a pleasant operation to have done (it took me several weeks of

> Yes I didn't really understand the mechanism before either.  Injections in
> the eye sound pretty horrendous but so do many things to do with eyes!!!  Is
> vitrectomy carried out quite often?  and does this then stop the growth of
> the new blood vessels, if so, why is a vitrectomy not done more often and
> what is the long term outcome from doing this.  Does a vitrectomy then go on
> to cause different problems long term?
> Jackie
>>Jackie, that's a very interesting article. A very good explanation of
>>retinopathy too. Noone has ever really been able to tell me why having a
>>vitrectomy (where they replace the vitreous fluid in  the eye
>>with saline)
>>seems to help prevent more blood vessel regrowth, but that makes
>>sense when
>>you relate it to the SDF-1 level.
>>I'm not sure I fancy the idea of regular injections in the eye,
>>knowing how
>>painful local anaesthetic injections in the eye are, but if it stops
>>Jackie Jacombs wrote:
> ----------------------------------------------------------
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