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[IPk] Re: What is the FreeStyle NavigatorT Continuous Gluc ose Monitor

Hi Melissa

Good point.  I'll transfer my allegiance from the Guardian RT to the 
FreeStyle Navigator.  Now I just need to *will* them on to the market...! 

The DiaPort is great.  Definately a good decision.  My BGs are very steady 
(although they were before it, due to the low carb diet) and my basals are 
down to 110% now, and could possibly go down to 100%.  Its very comfortable 
too - especially if I have a large bolus.  Before, when I was nearing a set 
change, a large bolus might be uncomfortable. 

What a shame they can't fit a blood sucking DiaPort for all the blood tests 
I have to have done at the hospital... 

Best wishes 



Melissa P. Ford writes: 

> like having a petrol gauge on a car: if you notice you're running low on 
> petrol before the car actually runs out of fuel, you can prevent the car 
> stopping suddenly on the road. We're practically running on fumes by the 
> time we get the symptoms of hypoglycemia. If I got a little alert when my  
> Also, it has to be said that fingersticks are several minutes behind and 
> +/-10% compared to venous blood glucose measurements...just because we  
> How's the Dia-Port goin'?
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