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[IPk] Re: Levemir

>Was wondering if anyone can explain what the difference is between
>Levemir and Lantus?
>Do they have the same effect, just different manufacturers?
>Was also wondering if anyone else has tried combining MDI with pump
>therapy? Or does that sound like I'm losing the plot and defeating
>the purpose of pump therapy?? (Need to know this answer before I
>suggest this to my diabetologist!!)
>After 1 1/2 years on the pump I've recently been experiencing some
>unexpected high BGs due to having no basal insulin (eg. air in
>tubing/ or insulin losing effect (maybe due to central heating
>and once because I accidentally left an electric blanket on all
>night!) and
>I'm hoping that it will allow me to be more flexible about taking
>the pump off - and avoiding unexpected highs if I'm delayed changing
>my set etc.
>I have recently tried splitting my basal dose 50:50 between my pump
>and once daily lantus injection (2.5units at 7.30am - it seems to
>only be effective for 12 hours - I inject it with a jet injector so
>it has a shorter duration of action than with needles) - I have
>a fairly low basal dose (total 5.5 units per 24hours) - I need a
>higher basal rate in the early morning but after 10am my dose is 0.2
>units per hour and then 0.1u/hr from 11pm - 5am.
>Aisling Type1 10years.

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