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RE: [IPk] Re: New way to test BG (rumour)

The exchange between Terry and Lesley brings up a good secondary point: 
depending on the kind of therapy we're on, future prospects for blood 
glucose monitoring might be more or less applicable to our situations.

Less invasive spot-checking than we have now may increase the number of 
tests that a large number of people do and could be more affordable than 
continuous monitoring is predicted to be, at least in the first several 
years. Also keep in mind that continuous monitoring will have to be shown to 
have equivalent accuracy to conventional blood glucose monitoring before it 
will be approved and reimbursed as a replacement for fingersticks. In 
rabbits the aqueous humour, which the Lein product looks at, has a 5-minute 
lag in glucose concentration behind the blood. Those 5 mins. are not 
statistically significant compared to fingerstick blood values; if the same 
situation applies in humans, I can see the Lein product getting fingerstick 
replacement labelling (if it really works. Their idea has been around for 23 
years and no one's commercialized it yet).

I think we need research on both continuous and non-invasive monitoring. 
That means it's probably going to take a bit longer for either to become a 
reality :|

The Dream Beam for non-invasive fingertip bg testing that Jackie mentioned 
was abandoned a few years ago after being kicked around like a football 
among small technology companies. It's safe to say that it died.

Type 1 11+ years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 1 year

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>If we are to continue pumping, and thereby inserting needles and  the like,

Hi Terry
Pah!  You should get a DiaPort!!
Best wishes :-))
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