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Re: [IPk] Florida

It's a bit like predicting jetlag. How quickly does your body adjust 
- with all its daily hormone fluctuations etc - to the new time zone? 
And how quickly does it adjust when coming home again? For some 
people these things are hard if not impossible to predict. Your best 
strategy may be to just set the pump clock to local time on arrival, 
and test and adjust fairly rigorously for the first few days - or 
first week? Another strategy is to set your basal rate to your normal 
lowest setting for the whole 24-hour period, and then carefully 
adjust it when you settle in to your new territory - but I suspect 
you'll be on your way home before that happens!

I fly a lot between Germany and Britain. Britain is an hour later 
than Germany. If I'm in Britain for a few days, or up to a week, I 
often will not touch the clock settings on my pump or meter. 
Effectively my body stays in German time. Not the same as going to 
Florida, but worth noting :-)

I find my BGs go crazy simply through being on holiday, so these fine 
adjustments are a bit academic for me. Bad BGs while on holiday is 
not ideal, but it's not a serious problem either. So above all, enjoy 
your holiday!

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