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Re: [IPk] Insulin resistence?

This may be very left of centre but Grace often goes low after osteopathy
and I have wondered if insulin tends to store in the tissues as I have
noticed when her arms are involved in the manipulations she tends to swing
low. I wonder if dragging the lawn mower might stimulate these tissues too?
May be rubbish but I know of a child who was fine at the start of first
session and had dipped to 0.6mmols at end. This never happened before or
since for them but I've been watching to see a pattern with Grace,
Also massage and yoga both bring down bloods which again would fit with the
idea of there being residues of insulin in the tissues. It would fit with
the idea but the idea may be for the birds!!!
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> ≥Interesting isn't it? The kids all seem to need less insulin when
> at
> >school than in the holidays (in winter). I always need more insulin when
> at
> >work than when at home in the holidays! So I have a largely desk-based
> job,
> >but I still walk around a lot, walk 2 miles to work and 2 miles back, and
> >often go out during the day too and walk around. I suppose at home I sit
> still
> >a lot less, even if I'm only pottering around the house. It must come
> >being an eternal fidget and unable to sit still unless forced to!
> Di,
> Your day sounds very similar to mine, ie decent length walk to and from
> work, but largely sedentary once I’m there. I’m guessing that we all
> move around a lot more than we realise when we’re running around after
> children. It would be fascinating to record tha amount of walking involved
> in an average Saturday, say, taking them to and from various activities
> doing household chores as opposed to a working day when I might take
> organised exercise in addition to the walking but also spend some 8 hours
> in front of a computer…殺俎
> Funnily enough I always find mowing the lawn (which takes about 20
> reduces my sugar levels far more than walking to work (which takes about
> the same amount of time). Never have understood why that should be the
> case.
> Rob
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