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Re: [IPk] New baby

I found that the times I took  a careful note of foods such as pasta or
amount of time on the trampoline was very helpful when the dust settled on
the CGMS and I sat with the graph myself. We too were astounded that grace
was 80% out of range but three of her scheduled tests would have been in
range so her book was looking fine at the time. I'm hoping to do a CGMS to
set basals again but fir me the pump has given me a window into that
dreadful picture of the graph. Grace is so happy I know intuitively that her
numbers are fine again. Grace's A1c was 8.9% on the CGMS and three months
later with five weeks pumping Grace was 6.4%.
We found that the insertion for the CGMS was very difficult. The nurse was
"checking" suitability for pumping but now I would insist on using the cream
beforehand. Other parents have said they had no bother though. It seems to
be 50/50.
Best of luck
Mum to Grace 5yrs dx 10.03 pumping 13 weeks
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Sent: 04 January 2005 18:18
Subject: [IPk] New baby

> Hi Julian
> Congratulations on your baby. Our daughter has used the CGM and we have
> always found it OK. Remembering to do BM's and put the results in the
> machine is the most difficult bit!!   They do tend to give surprises.
> Especially during the night. We are quite happy with Libby's sugar
> levels. Boy were we surprised to see that between 12.30 am and 3 am she
> was hitting 18's before coming down to 7's.  We had missed these as we
> always test at 12 and sometimes at 3am.
> Good luck with it.  I suspect your levels could be surprising with
> everything thats going off at the moment.
> Kayleigh Grace
> Mum to Libby dx 2000 pumper 2003
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