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[IPk] Re: Insulin resistance ? and my new Cozmo pump!!


It is my experience, and something that I am also sure that I have read
somewhere, that type 1 diabetics commonly become more insulin resistant
at higher BG. In my case, the greater insulin sensitivity at lower BG's
is very striking, and quite sensitive to exact BG level. But many many
people find that they need more insulin to reduce BG from say 20 to 15
than from 12 to 7. One of the reasons, which has been discussed
previously on this list, is that at high BG, a lot of glucose is being
spilled out into the urine, and the insulin has to be sufficient to
take care of whatever is causing all that additional glucose that is
not measured in the blood. However a second reason is increased insulin
resistance at high BG. I wish I knew the mechanism, but can't remember
it - if you find out, please let me know.

Nanette (happy to have received my new Cozmo pump today - it has so
many menus and options it feels like a wonderful new toy, with lots of
flexibility - mush more than my old, and much beloved Disetronic
H-plus, which has reached the end of its days - I never thought I would
be so happy about a new insulin pump.)

>I would have thought that becoming insulin resistant (whether from 
>growth/stress/sex hormones, or weight gain) would lead to higher bgs 
>than higher bgs leading to insulin resistance. Can someone describe a 
>mechanism for high bgs causing insulin resistance in type 1 rather
>insulin resistance or insufficiency causing high bgs in type 1?

>I learn something new every day!


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