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[IPk] Re: insulin resistance

Hi Mir

Jamie gets a lot of insulin resistance. We believe this is due to growth
hormone. He is certainly growing a lot - must have reached 1m 60 now which is
17cm growth in the 15months since diagnosis (never mind the massive muscles in
his legs and the other changes I can only imagine are happening!).

I did read somewhere some months ago during an internet trawl that growth
hormone not only raises BG's but also "causes" insulin resistance itself so
there is a double effect. As a result we started to treat Jamies rapid BG rises
in the evening quite agressively and this seems to work for us.

When this first started happenning (back in September), we raised the evening
and early nightime basals by a % such as 110% going as high as 140% but
settling on 130% after a couple of weeks trial and error. After a few weeks we
saw that the 130% was something we did every night so we adjusted the relevent
basals permanently.

We are now seeing another lot of higher evening BG's so are using the same
method again.

During a holiday we would certainly up the daytime basals by up to 150%.(Jamie
is very active during term-time). It's all a little hit and miss but I remind
myself and Jamie that he has always managed a good HbA1C - probably better by
2-3 percentage points than other adolescents at his clinic.

At a diabetes day organised by the clinic last year, a lady from the Scottish
Register for Diabetes quoted an average HbA1C for children and teenagers of
9.3% in Scotland. This is pretty close to Jamie's figure on admission to
hospital on diagnosis! So we count our blessings that we were in Geneva and not
the UK when he fell sick.

take care Mir

Maggie (mum to Jamie aged 12, dx 09/03 pumping ever since)
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