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Re: [IPk] Insulin resistance (I am missing something)

Hi Melissa
I wrote you a long reply last night and then my mail crashed so I think it 
disappeared into a black hole somewhere...
Anyway, the answer is that you're correct on the first 3 steps. The 4th one is 
more complex. Basically if I've gone high (from whatever) I'll have taken more 
insulin, and therefore my dose for that day will have been higher, and this 
means that I have to increase my basal for the night. It seems that my 
overnight basal (and possibly my basal the next day) is affected by the total 
amount of insulin I've had during the day. I assume this is because my insulin 
  resistance is increased by taking more insulin. I know some people actually 
have a sort of sliding scale for this - my method is a bit more crude, but if 
I've had over about 30 units during the day I tend to increase my basal at 
night. Seems to work for me <shrug>.
Hope that makes more sense.

Melissa P. Ford wrote:

> Hi Di,
> Thanks for that. Maybe I have it now...do you mean:
> 1. Bgs have gone high (from whatever)
> 2. You notice you need more insulin (duh)
> 3. You take more insulin
> 4. When you look back at your total daily dose, you say to yourself, 
> 'Wow, I must have become insulin-resistant because I needed X% more 
> insulin than usual yesterday'.
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