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Re: [IPk] Insulin resistance (I am missing something)

I love the way I learn from here. Thankyou everyone.
Before pumping, if Grace had a "special" day like Christmas where I dared
give her a tiny amount of goodies, Grace's blds would rise. Then I would
find I was chasing highs for two days and, by upping the insulin briefly,
we'd usually recover by the third day. The overall amount of insulin bore no
relation to the amount of CHO. When I asked why.... I was told that Grace's
resistance to insulin had increased. On two injections a day it was very
crude in the whole equation dynamic. The greatest issue seemed to be
glycemic. On occasion, when the rise had been due to an illness or I was
just shattered from the break in routines, I would not up the  insulin and
all would settle in seemingly the same amount of time. That way I didn't
compound things by missing hypos that rebound would prolong the dynamic.
Since pumping Grace has eaten copious amounts of foods that used cause this
phenomenon, like cereals or mashed potatoes or dried fruit. when I change
sets Grace usually was between 4-5mmols in an hour. So no matter what she
has eaten or if the numbers were creeping up as it was Day 4 changing the
set...we always seemed to start afresh. That's what had me confused this
Whenever I catch up enough I will start considering the whole glycemic
picture, but for now, Grace is sparkling as she feels normal having eaten
similarly to her pals and cousins. Now when I say "No" there is no stoicism
or despondency. An Aunt with 30yrs D. sat with tears in her eyes watching
Grace take an offered sweet at a party. Later Grace bounced in looking for
another and I said "No". Grace bounced out again unperturbed and my Aunt
commented that "Numbers are important, but that is what makes the pump
magical. I feel a bitterness inside for all the times I felt deprived".
Mum to Grace 5yrs dx 10.03, pumping 13weeks

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> Hi all,
> I would have thought that becoming insulin resistant (whether from
> growth/stress/sex hormones, or weight gain) would lead to higher bgs
> than higher bgs leading to insulin resistance. Can someone describe a
> mechanism for high bgs causing insulin resistance in type 1 rather than
> insulin resistance or insufficiency causing high bgs in type 1?
> I learn something new every day!
> Melissa
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