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Re: [IPk] Insulin resistence?

Hi Mir

Eleanor has been running much higher over the hols due to lack of normal
activity I believe. We aimed to get them out and running around at least
once a day but it was not enough! We tended to correct rather than up basals
as just when I think  a day will be quiet a friend shows up and they race
around the garden for an hour.

Now she is back at school I expect that her basal requirements will be back
to pre christmas levels......but then again.....

She was up to 19mmols at teatime with 0.1 ketones so she had  new set/site
plus correction and  was 5.6 at 11.30pm. I just need to stay up another hour
to make sure we aren't overshooting!!

Liz mum to Eleanor, 10,  (dx 11/ 2002) pumping novorapid with minmed 512 and
6mm Quicksets since 20/10/04,
and to Hannah 7.5 (dairy and soya intolerant) and George 4 (dairy, soya and
gluten intolerant)
wife of Julian

> Can I ask if insulin resistance applies on the pump? I changed the set
> two days of hoping the numbers would improve. Now Grace is still slower to
> come down than usual and I am wondering if running in the early teens 60%
> the time for 2 days would up her resistance. Before, a new set always
> to drop her sugars straight down. there was no sign of a prob with the old
> set on removal? Ketones have been 0.0 throughout. I was presuming to up
> basal etc and that we had just hit our first time of unexplained increase.
> Grace had a wonderful Christmas with a normal amount of goodies so I've
> wondering if we've upped the resistance. Most of Christmas Grace was in
> range two hours after any food but there were lots more goodies than
> Thanks
> Mir
> Mum to Grace 5yrs dx 10.03 pumping Oct 6th.
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