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RE: [IPk] Insulin resistence?

Hi Mir

You can get insulin resistance when using a pump or MDI, once your BG levels
go out of wack and above "normal" blood glucose levels, for a time.  As you
know, pumpers generally use much less insulin than when using MDI.  This is
due to the sustained normal levels and insulin sensitivity.  Once you go
above those levels you get slight to moderate insulin resistance and require
more insulin than you usually did for that time/situation etc.  Do you think
that Grace has the beginnings of a cold?  or anything that might account for
the rises.  We frequently get higher blood sugars before the symptoms
appear.  You have to be careful with making too many increases in the doses
because if its insulin resistance due to running slightly higher BG levels
they will also return to normal pretty quick and you don't want to be caught

Sasha has been running highish all holidays, but not because of extra food,
because there wasn't really very many interesting things lying around to
eat.  I think the twins has a couple of small chocolate reindeers that were
GF and that's about it.  They have just been inside the house all the time
and I have had to make quite big increases in bolus and basal to keep the BG
levels within normal levels.  Unfortunately we only seem to have got it just
right yesterday and today and they go back to school tomorrow, so we will
have to drop the insulin back again.  Although Sasha has been complaining of
feeling unwell today, though her BG levels are fine.   I could really do
with the break!


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> Subject: [IPk] Insulin resistence?
> Can I ask if insulin resistance applies on the pump? I changed
> the set after
> two days of hoping the numbers would improve. Now Grace is still slower to
> come down than usual and I am wondering if running in the early
> teens 60% of
> the time for 2 days would up her resistance. Before, a new set
> always seemed
> to drop her sugars straight down. there was no sign of a prob with the old
> set on removal? Ketones have been 0.0 throughout. I was presuming
> to up the
> basal etc and that we had just hit our first time of unexplained increase.
> Grace had a wonderful Christmas with a normal amount of goodies
> so I've been
> wondering if we've upped the resistance. Most of Christmas Grace was in
> range two hours after any food but there were lots more goodies
> than usual.
> Thanks
> Mir
> Mum to Grace 5yrs dx 10.03 pumping Oct 6th.
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