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RE: [IPk] Insulin resistence?

Hi Mir,

Sure, insulin resistance can happen while pumping. Hormones are the most 
likely cause in women and children. You should check with Grace's DSN before 
making big adjustments to her basals, but my guess is that she's a growing 
girl whose insulin requirents are increasing because of growth hormones.

What Grace ate over Christmas shouldn't have any effect on her insulin 
requirements now unless she gained a few pounds, in which case her insulin 
requirements would go up a bit because of increased body mass. Her activity 
level could certainly be affecting her bgs, though - has she been less 
active in the past several days because of weather, playmates not being 
available, etc.? Or could she be coming down with a cold or another 
infection? Impending illness raises a lot of folks' bgs for a few days even 
before symptoms show up.

You may want to set a temporary basal rate for several hours that's just 10% 
more than her usual rate during that part of the day to see if her sugars 
improve with that. If so, then Grace's basals may need to be increased 
'round the clock. If not, try 20% more than usual on day 2 (&etc. but it's 
unlikely she'll need more than 120% of her current basal in one adjustment). 
Of course you do check her bg frequently anyway, but as always one should 
check bgs frequently when one has made any basal adjustments. And if Grace 
starts going hypo more often with the increased basals, of course reduce 

Hope that helps,

Type 11+ years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 1 year

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From: "Miriam Connor" <email @ redacted>
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Subject: [IPk] Insulin resistence?
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 17:45:05 -0000

Can I ask if insulin resistance applies on the pump? I changed the set after
two days of hoping the numbers would improve. Now Grace is still slower to
come down than usual and I am wondering if running in the early teens 60% of
the time for 2 days would up her resistance. Before, a new set always seemed
to drop her sugars straight down. there was no sign of a prob with the old
set on removal? Ketones have been 0.0 throughout. I was presuming to up the
basal etc and that we had just hit our first time of unexplained increase.
Grace had a wonderful Christmas with a normal amount of goodies so I've been
wondering if we've upped the resistance. Most of Christmas Grace was in
range two hours after any food but there were lots more goodies than usual.
Mum to Grace 5yrs dx 10.03 pumping Oct 6th.
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