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Re: [IPk] Re: Happy New Year

The Guardian is an exciting system certainly, I've thought about how I would
get the most from the 3 days, running an experimental programme of unusual
foods I can't carb count and seeing how poorly my pathetic attempts to match
them with insulin work, as well as looking at the effects of exercise, sex -
sorry I mean swimming! etc etc....but just because the technology is now
available to us as individuals, doesn't mean we all need it, or that any of us
will need it all the time (especially at that expense)! In Ireland, I am
thinking about organising local branches to buy the machine, and that members
would hire or borrow it, paying their own sensor costs. All you need is a
group of 10 or so in a region, and the cost comes right down.

Oh, by the way, congratulations on the new baby, and 32 weeks isn't terribly
early these days, although it will be emotionally difficult for a few weeks.
Maybe this isn't the best time to go on the monitor?

Tony O'Sullivan
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  Adrian Miller writes:

  > Adrian
  > Who almost certainly will be buying a Guardian RT when its released!

  I'm kind of thinking along those lines too, but having seen a rough guide to
  the price, it won't be practicable for day-to-day use.  The system will cost
  around 3k and the sensors around 50 quid each (ie 50 pounds every 3 days).
  However, a single 3 day stint like I did with the CGMS is almost useless.  I
  would need to hook up perhaps constanly while I adjust basals and then again
  maybe twice a month until further basal adjustments become necessary.  My
  pumping experience so far has shown I need to adjust basals every couple of
  months anyway.  Perhaps I'll never be able to afford to run a Guardian RT!

  <end of thinking out loud>


  IDDM 36 years, D-Tron Plus 2 years, Diaport 2 weeks
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