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[IPk] Re: Happy New Year

Adrian Miller writes:

> Adrian
> Who almost certainly will be buying a Guardian RT when its released!

I'm kind of thinking along those lines too, but having seen a rough guide to 
the price, it won't be practicable for day-to-day use.  The system will cost 
around 3k and the sensors around 50 quid each (ie 50 pounds every 3 days).  
However, a single 3 day stint like I did with the CGMS is almost useless.  I 
would need to hook up perhaps constanly while I adjust basals and then again 
maybe twice a month until further basal adjustments become necessary.  My 
pumping experience so far has shown I need to adjust basals every couple of 
months anyway.  Perhaps I'll never be able to afford to run a Guardian RT! 

<end of thinking out loud> 


IDDM 36 years, D-Tron Plus 2 years, Diaport 2 weeks
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