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RE: [IPk] Happy New Year

Hi Julian

Congratulations on your new baby daughter.  The twins were born by C section
two months premature.  Well I didn't go into labour, but Sasha was not
growing properly and a Doppler scan on the cord showed she wasn't getting
enough blood supply and nourishment.  I was advised that we could leave
things as they were, because the other twin would be ok, or to have them
both at 32 weeks.  We had them both and Sasha was a mere 2 lbs 2oz and
Beckie was 4lbs.  Neither had to be ventilated, but Beckie the larger twin
needed oxygen flowing around her head in a hood thingy!  for a few hours.
Sasha, although she was the smaller twins, still reached all the stages of
coming off the drips and feeding nasal tubes before her bigger sister.
There weren't any particular problems, but it was still terrifying for us at
the time.  The twins were on monitors for a few weeks and had to be tube fed
for some weeks.  Usually once or twice a day their heart rates would dip and
the monitors would alarm and a nurse would come in and tickle their feet and
they would start breathing again. It always seemed to happen when I was
there and it used to scare the life out of me.   A lot of the little babies
in SCBU were taking a medication to stop the heart rate from dipping too
much it was really quite common.  Really, looking back the twins case was
pretty straightforward and there were no problems that there could have
been.  Though when I saw Sasha I could never imagine her being a toddler and
playing around.  Of course the twins were fine and remain healthy apart from
the diabetes, which was almost certainly nothing to do with being premature,
and  as both twins have coeliac (linked autoimmune condition) its most
likely a hereditary condition and that Sasha would have got diabetes whether
she had been full term or not.  They usually keep the smaller babies in
incubators then move them into open plastic cots as they get bigger and
stronger.  Sometimes they get a little jaundiced but this is quite common
and is easily treated with light therapy for a couple of days.  I hope all
goes well.  What I did find hard was being in a ward with other mums who had
their babies with them when mine twins were in SUBU.  I spent the first
night in a room on my own, then at 10.30 nearly 11.00 pm the next night they
made me pack up my stuff and go to another room with four other mums in.
They said it was because they needed my room for another mum who had had
twins, but she had them with her.   I was feeling really unwell and was
upset by the move especially at that time of night.  Funny, cos its only
coming back to me now!!!  I remember phoning my husband in floods of tears!!
Anyway I hope thing progress ok and that your wife is doing fine.  Let us
know how things progress.

Mum of Sasha aged 10 dx D 1999, twin sister Rebecca, both coeliac 2001
Mum also to Danni and Nicola, wife to Terry

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> Hi All
> Happy New Year to all of you out there.
>  a little bit of unexpected news here. My wife was 32 weeks pregnant and
> developed Hellp Syndrome. On 29th December her blood platelet
> count was 60 and
> her BP was 140 over 100 so they decided to do an emergency c
> section. A very
> scary moment. However, we now have a 3pound 7oz baby girl who we
> have named Amy
> Louise Margaret. She is tiny and will be in neo natel care for
> several weeks.
> Anyone out there know how these things tend to progress?
>  Also, On Friday, I will be using one of the Continuous Glucose
> Monitors from
> Medtronic. Anyone who has used one..Are the results usually reliable?
> Once again, happy new year to you all.
> Julian
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