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RE: [IPk] Happy New Year

Hi Julian

Using the CGMS was the best thing I have done. I thought my basals were
pretty well tuned - after having done numerous starvation tests but the CGMS
did show that at certain times of the day I was quite a bit out - although
my basal total for the day only increased slightly.

The results I got were OK for the first three days but day four was almost
meaningless - two few recorded results to show anything and the site was
pretty inflamed at that time too.

The biggest hassle was having a shower in the morning - morning two when I
had got complacent the shower pack opened and the CGMS almost fell out! The
only other hassle was converting my BG readings to mg/dl - but this may be
different with newer CGMS machines.

Overall well worth the effort - its given me more confidence in my pump
settings and overall I feel much better - almost like starting on the pump
did for me almost 12 months ago!

Be aware that you do need to test your BG levels using your meter - I think
a minimum of 4 times a day and these values have to be put into the CGMS
along with various other codes for when you eat, feel hypo etc. and I guess
the more time and more information you collect during your CGMS use the
better the output will be.

Who almost certainly will be buying a Guardian RT when its released!

> Also, On Friday, I will be using one of the Continuous Glucose Monitors
>Medtronic. Anyone who has used one..Are the results usually reliable?
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