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[IPk] Using a DiaPort!

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone

I'm back and well! 

Thanks to Mary and Terry who came to visit.  It was good to see you even if 
I was still a bit sleepy. 

Thanks also to John for your thoughtfulness. 

Well, so far, so good.  The first night post-op was a nightmare.  My BGs 
crept up to 21, despite numerous correction boluses.  By 10 pm I had +++ 
ketones and had to have an injection.  I was worried it wasn't going to work 
for me.  I could have done with a good sleep that night, but ended up blood 
and urine testing every two hours. 

Once my BGs were under 10 and I started to feel better, I took control and 
got things sorted.  Joan was great, but couldn't be there 24 hours a day.  I 
went home the day after the op, with BGs around 6, on 190% basal. 

Things have settled down to 170% basal at the moment, and I'm hoping this 
will reduce further as the operation site heals.  I doubt if it will ever 
come back down to 100% though.  It's odd - the DiaPort is a much more direct 
route for the uptake of insulin than subcut, so I would expect to need less 
insulin.  I'm waiting to hear from John Hughes of Disetronic regarding 
physiology.  Any thoughts, Melissa?  Curiously, my meal and correcting 
boluses haven't increased... 

The whole thing was far less painful than I expected.  There are two wounds 
 - the operation site and the bit they pushed the port through to the 
surface.  The only discomfort now is a little bit of itching around the port 
site, which I hope is because the wound is healing, not an infection!  Apart 
from anything else, the port site is still oozing blood, so I hope it heals 
very soon. 

Care of the site is quite easy, though as I've only done it twice so far, I 
still get nervous, much like I did for the first couple of weeks of infusion 
site changes.  I only have to change anything when the Humalog cartridge 
runs out, then I change cartridge, adaptor, infusion set and fixation disk.  
The port has to be kept covered by a biocclusive dressing for the first 4 
weeks, so it only needs cleaning on change days.  After 4 weeks I can leave 
it uncovered, but then I'll need to wipe it daily with an alcohol swab. 

I'm glad I've had it done.  I know that my BGs will not rise because of a 
dodgy infusion site, and I don't need to try and find a suitable spot 
amongst the lipo every 3 days!  I'm a bit disappointed about the high basal 
needs - more insulin equals more fat deposited, which is a nuisance.  But 
all in all, so far I'm really pleased with it. 

Cheers and thanks for reading this far! 

IDDM 36 years, D-Tron plus 2+ years, DiaPort <2 weeks
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