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Re: [IPk] Testing

Hi Melissa,

     I have always had a monthly script I have had larger supplies but as I
am on a lot of other medication its just convenient to stick to a month, I
can't see why 2-3 scrips cannot be issued as its long term condition.
     As to Ketostix these have been on my list since day one, and thats
27yrs I was advised from day one to test for these at least once a fortnight
but this was in the dark ages, and now I still use them but only when I am
feeling off colour.
     I was always told you can develope DKA even with perfect BM's
especially if you go without food or with Gastropoarisis (spelling?) as I
have had on several occasions all pre-pump though, DKA in fact for me was a
monthly occurance before the pump no fault of my own just brittle diabetes.
Needless to say I am just over 3 years now without a hospital admission and
guess what, I've been pumping just over 3 years, I should get a medal for
what I've saved the NHS in three years pity they couldn't have paid for my
D-Tron with the savings.

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