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[IPk] re: diet lipids bgs etc

Thanks Abigail for your advice, I have off work for 2 weeks so have been 
able to monitor bgs etc frequently was hrly but my fingers get so sore 
thatit is less frequent now. I would never have believed it before but 
things that say they contain no CHO really do raise your blood sugar As an 
example last night my bg was around 12 and I was carefully trying to reduce 
it without a hypo it took a while so I did not eat until it was suddenly 4.1 
but no ketones.I am sticking to it rigidly but the only thing that worries 
me is that I seem to have to maintain bg at 7-8 to produce ketones so I may 
not lose as much as expected. Am having lipids etc checked mid feb which 
will be the deciding factor

Thanks again Carmel Type one 44yrs 508 2yrs 1 month

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