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RE: [IPk] Testing

Hi Caroline

> I have been asked several times what exactly I do with so 
> many strips. 
> Doh! I test my blood sugar.
Come on - be creative now. I use mine as diving boards for fleas.

> The comments that really annoyed me that were if I wanted so many a 
> month (we're talking 4-5 boxes here) then I would have to come in to 
> the surgery every two weeks as I couldn't get them all on one 
> prescription! Apparently its all the pharmacists' fault because they 
> resent getting only one dispensing fee for sticking labels on four 
> boxes instead of two. Even if that were true (and I doubt it, my 
> parents are pharmacists and doubt it too) then surely they 
> could write 
> out two separate prescriptions each with two boxes on it. Simple!
I think that was purely b*ll*cks. Plenty of people get strips in lots of 400
or so.
I have 2 types of strips - Medisense Optium Plus (the new sort) in 200s, and
Accuchek Active strips in 100s. I use both meters, but the original reason
for having the Active strips was as a backup if the Optium Meter died (they
have a colour change test on the back).

However, I did start with 50 and increase the no. as I built a relationship
with the Doc.

> I was also told that I couldn't have two different types of strips on 
> my repeat. I have two meters and wanted the others available 
> to me so I
> could get them without having to waste mine or my GP's time by taking 
> up an appointment. What they completely failed to grasp was 
> that having
> them there did not suddenly mean I was going to use more strips. They 
> got the point when I wasted an appointment obtaining strips after my 
> usual meter broke and I had to revert to my spare.(and I now 
> have both 
> on my repeat)
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