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Re: [IPk] testing

Hi Abi,

I can see your point about how some type 1s able to manage on 70/30 insulin 
and 3 bg tests/day could wind up in diabetes care, but I would guess that 
the proportion of such individuals would still be small, as it seems to be 
pretty tiny in the general population. There are professional conferences 
for people in diabetes research and treatment where they'd wind up 
chatting...the person who uses 50 units of Humalog in a pump and tests 7 
times every day would have to talk to the person who uses 30 units of 70/30 
and tests about half as often...at that rate, the 70/30 person might have to 
admit that individuals with type 1 really can have different needs, or the 
two would have to duke it out, or so I'd hope! We already know that a fair 
few healthcare professionals who don't have diabetes think that we lie, 
waste, and cheat; maybe things wouldn't get a whole lot worse if more people 
with diabetes were on the inside of the medical world?

Just my $.02 :) ,


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