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[IPk] Ketone testing

Ok, Ken, I think the science has convinced me! I know that everything you say
is totally right, but from the perspective of someone who has unfortunately
experienced DKA twice since September (and only twice before that in nearly 20
years - I'm not doing the "DKA and pumps" statistics much good!) when you feel
that ill, all that really matters is "do I have relatively more or less
ketones than last time? Am I getting on top of this?" for which I feel the
urine tests are adequate. In terms of actual monitoring of the situation,
accuracy and ease of use I suppose the blood test wins.

I'd be interested to see the study you refer to. The tests I was particularly
alluding to were bicarbonate levels, which give an indication of the level of
acidosis - this is the really dangerous part of DKA. So long as your body is
coping with the ketones, you're in a lot less trouble than when you get
acidotic. Ketone levels themselves are not a good indicator of the level of
acidosis, because acidosis has a multifactorial aetiology (e.g individual
physiological variations, extent of dehydration etc contribute)
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