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[IPk] 4 days pumping/Optium strips


I'm glad everything is going well with the pump. The frequent blood testing is
a pain, but it does pay off in the end, especially the overnight ones. If you
don't get your overnight rates right, getting everything else right becomes
pretty much impossible. Testing overnight is one of the first things I do when
I hit trouble.

>I had to do a set change last night as I'd
>discovered some rather large bubbles had appeared in the tubing.  Is this
>common when you are nearing the end of the supply of insulin in the syringe?

You can get air when you get close to the end of the reservoir - especially if
you had a few tiny bubbles that have then coalesced. I try to plan my set
changes (or rather the amount of insulin I put in the reservoir to last
between changes) so they will occur when a reasonable amount of insulin
remains. This avoids any problems of coming completely to the end, and also
makes it less likely that I reach a point where I *must* change the reservoir,
because I've got a margin of time. (although I guess its probably wasteful of
insulin, as I always throw some out)

If you get air in the tubing, you don't necessarily need to change the whole
lot. If you disconnect and run a prime, that should get of the air. Of course,
if the set needs changing anyway....

With regard to air, I've never understood how it sometimes seems to appear in
the reservoir during use, when there was definitely no air after filling!

>Somebody was asking recently about the new blood strips for the Optium - the
>Plus.  I've been using these for a week now and I think they are the best
>I've used so far on any meter

Funny how we're all different. I really don't like them!! I find they take
ages to draw the blood into them (I keep removing my finger, then realising I
haven't given it enough blood) and I just find them generally more awkward.
Maybe I'll get used to them.
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