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[IPk] Ketone testing/4 days pumping

Hi All

I was given a Medisense Optium meter by my diabetes clinic when I was having
very high BS's and showing ketones using the urine sticks (pre-pump).  I found
that they were much easier to use, ie having just been to the loo and then
doing a BS test and finding that you are very high, you can then test
immediately for ketones without having to wait until you can "go" again.  When
I needed to get more supplies of the strips I rang Medisense, they asked me
how many boxes I required and I received them within 2 days.  I don't even get
that service from my GP/Chemist!  When I asked my DN which test I should use
for ketones whilst on the pump, she said that it didn't matter, just so long
as I always carried them around with me (which is easy as they all fit in with
the meter) and that I tested whenever my BS reached 14.

Well...... 4 days pumping now.  I have already changed my 1 basal rate to 2
and then today, as I have been on a training course and not been moving around
much, have set a temporary rate.  I must say though that my fingers are
beginning to suffer.  I've been doing 2 hourly BS's since Monday (apart from
last night when I slept right through the alarm!)  I think tonight I'll just
try checking at midnight and 3am.  I had to do a set change last night as I'd
discovered some rather large bubbles had appeared in the tubing.  Is this
common when you are nearing the end of the supply of insulin in the syringe?
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