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Re: [IPk] Insulin!! How much is a lot??

> of 15 to 1. Now three years on I am taking 35IU of glargine daily with
> at an exchange of 10 to 1.

This probabley isn't atypical. insulin requirements vary enormously from one
person to another
>  >
>  I don't seem to fit the classic T2 profile yet nor do I fit T1 "This all
> happened age thirty seven after a bout of shingles, after which I lost
> weight to reduce me to the physique of a stick insect.

It could be that you are type 1 but with a slow onset. (recent weight loss
etc suggests this and if requirments go up progressively it may be that
insulin producing cells are gradually running out of steam)
> no information to draw a comparison/conclusion.

The dose on it's own isn't particularly important. either you need insulin
or you don't and I'm sure it would be just as big a pain to be very
sensitive to insulin. You'd still need to take it and put up with all the
related inconveniances

Some people react in a negative way re big doses and I am sure this is due
to the stereotypical type 2 who is overweight, insulin resistant with high
insulin levels, high BG and high cholesterol which all go together to
increase risk of ishcaemic heart disease.
Bu if you are not overweight this is not you
what matters is a good A1c with minimal hypos and good quality of life ( to
me this is not having to live life by the clock)
>  Last thing I asked the DSN about was a C-peptide test and she seemed a
> perturbed about it and responded with "There is no clinical value in this
They use it in the US to make a distinction when there is uncertainty, as
insurance companies are a bit reluctant to fund pumps for type 2s. I don't
really have any knowledge of whether it's actually any use.
The only way you would really find out your " type" would be to withdraw all
insulin and see whether you went into DKA ( highly unadvisable)
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