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[IPk] Insulin!! How much is a lot??

Hi All

 Talking to my DSN today about usage rates etc. There has been a marked upward
trend in my insulin usage over the last year or so and no one seems particulary
concerned "Don't worry your usage will go up as time goe's by" was the comment.

 When this all started I was taking 12IU humulin at night with huamlog at a rate
of 15 to 1. Now three years on I am taking 35IU of glargine daily with humalog
at an exchange of 10 to 1.

 I have always been a little confused as to my particular flavour of diabetes
which so far I have never had a clear "You are typeXXX" response from anyone I
have met.

 I don't seem to fit the classic T2 profile yet nor do I fit T1 "This all
happened age thirty seven after a bout of shingles, after which I lost enough
weight to reduce me to the physique of a stick insect.

 I have not really had much in the way of contact with other diabetics so I have
no information to draw a comparison/conclusion.

 Last thing I asked the DSN about was a C-peptide test and she seemed a little
perturbed about it and responded with "There is no clinical value in this test.

So those are events and my thoughts for today.

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