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[IPk] Hurray! An up-beat clinic visit!

Hi everyone

Just had to write - I've just had my first diabetic clinic appointment since
pumping.  This time, I did not feel guilty or patronised!  My HbA1c has come
down from 9% to 7.8%.  I'm very happy with this, as I have had to keep around
8mmols/L, due to a history of retinopathy.  When I get the go-ahead from the
ophthalmologists to tighten up further still, my A1c will be fab!  I'm not
sure if I'll get that "go-ahead" next week, though, as I have had a couple of

Anyway, back to the diabetic clinic.  The consultant was new,
(ex-geriatrician) so I wondered how receptive he would be to pumpers.  He was
great, and dictated a letter there and then to support my application for
funding.  He had a look at my current infusion site, but disappointingly
didn't ask to see previous sites.  I'm also disappointed that he didn't want
to see the improvement in day-to-day BGs - he was very happy with the A1c and
that's all that seemed to matter to him.  I did, however, ask him to look at
my final pre-pumping month's results and compare them with a month of
post-pumping results in chart form.  He nodded and umm-ed in an impressed kind
of way.

Naturally, my random BG was spot on.

I arranged to see the DSN to thank her for suggesting the pump, even though
she is not the clinic's pump nurse.  She was pleased to see me "looking so
well and sounding so positive".  I left her with some business-type cards with
IPUK's web address to hand out to potential pumpers.

Well, I'd better log off and finalise my funding application letter!


IDDM 34 years, D-Tron 4 months

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