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Re: [IPk] Re: ketone testing

>I remain slightly sceptical about the value of home blood testing for
>ketones. Other than the fact that like blood glucose testing, it
>provides a "here and now" value, the actual level is so often less
>important than the fact that ketones are there at all. Or certainly the
>crude difference in levels on the urine tests is enough to know whether
>you are a) have loads of ketones or b) you are getting worse instead of
>better and in both these cases thats when you definitely need some help.

I was advised that you can look for missed nighttime hypos by checking for
ketones in the morning urine. I have a tendency to sleep through long mild
nighttime hypos, and they eventually self-correct, leaving me in the
morning with a headache and a rather high BG. Checking for urine ketones
first thing in the morning indicates that I have indeed had a hypo during
the night (lack of blood glucose also makes the body use its fat stores for

Anyone used one of these new home HbA1c measuring meters?


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