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[IPk] Type 2s: Atkins: testing etc

Dare I admit I am currently on the Atkins diet, It is a desperate measure 
but unlike all of you I am desperatelt overweight AND Type ! (since the age 
of 3)-and have had the blood test to prove it (can't remember what it is 
called). The Ketosos from lack of CHO (Atkins) is completely different from 
Diabetic ketoacidosis-which is completely different condition if untreated 
leading to coma and deathit has to be managed medically because often 
subcutaneous insulin administered cannot work as the patient is so 
dehydrated intravenous fluids are given to mobilise any interstitial insulin 
and intravenous insulin is titrated slowly to lower the blood glucose slowly 
and prevent other complications occuring so it is  completely different to 
the ketones produced by starvation ie sleep fasting etc

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