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Re: [IPk] Ketones and meters and strips..

when I phoned for my repeat was told there
> was only one type, the glargine, on there and no novorapid! The surgery
> corrected it no problems so it was just a minor inconvenience. But it
> me wonder who these people are! The surgery told me this happens say twice
> year. It's all down to cost in the end.

No this belief is frighteningly not uncommon. Glargine is sometimes used
alone in conjunction with oral meds for type 2s, but becasue it is
advertised as a once daily basal insulin it has led to confusion in some
individuals who do not know the terminology" basal " and bolus"
there was a GP magazine with an article about glargine not so long ago. It
stated that although glargine is a more expensive insulin it may be cheaper
in the long run as there would only be need for one injection  day in type
ones who wer previously using 4. This person honestly though a once daily
system with no mealtime flexibility or coverage for  meals , is a good
thing! I'm sure plenty of veterans here will remember the bad old days on 1
injection per day!. I emailed the author with a prolonged explanation of "
basal bolus" regimens and pumps, but had no reply. I suspect here is a type
who would restrict patients to one test per day
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