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[IPk] Re: ketone testing

>i have a medisense ketone meter and can get these strips on 
>even the childrens outpatients ward does not have one of these meters 

Thanks for that, I will have to try getting some on prescription now.

I'm not surprised the hospital doesn't have one. Unfortunately 
hospitals tend to have contracts with particular manafacturers to 
supply testing equipment for use within hospitals. The most common 
companies appear to be Medisense and Roche. The company then supplies 
the hospital with all its testing equipment for free - therefore they 
provide the cheapest meter, which in the case of Medisense is the 
Precision QID (if anyone knows what the QID stands for, I would love to

Within hospitals, it is, of course, possible to do a huge range of 
bllod tests extremely quickly. And in ketoacidosis there are a variety 
of figures that are more important than the absolute level of ketones.

I remain slightly sceptical about the value of home blood testing for 
ketones. Other than the fact that like blood glucose testing, it 
provides a "here and now" value, the actual level is so often less 
important than the fact that ketones are there at all. Or certainly the 
crude difference in levels on the urine tests is enough to know whether
you are a) have loads of ketones or b) you are getting worse instead of 
better and in both these cases thats when you definitely need some help.

Caroline Batistoni
email @ redacted
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