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[IPk] Re: Testing

>still I see this could be hard if you are a poor student and have to 
rely on
>what the DSN has for freebies. But the drug companies give away so 
many I
>can't see why you can't get 2 the same for free

Don't remind about the poor student bit, I've just been discussing my 
debt, and its quite scary!!!

I do actually have two Optium meters now. However, regardless of this I
want to hang on to, and be able to get strips for, my Medisense pen. 
This remains the smallest meter I have ever seen and is great when I'm 
going out with an impossibly tiny handbag. Its also useful to have a 
different meter in the event that one type of strips becomes 
unavailable for love nor money (which happened to me a couple of years 
back with Medisense G2 strips - there was a "supplier problem", 

As for getting two the same for free, I think it probably depends on 
your clinic. I've never actually asked for a second one the same, but I
have had two separate meters out of mine within the last year. (The 
first one was one of those awful (sorry, I just don't like them) Esprit 
things that broke within three weeks of hardly any use (which is why I 
don't like them)) 

Caroline Batistoni
email @ redacted
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