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Re: [IPk] Ketones and meters and strips..

On Thursday 30 Jan 2003 15:26, Helen wrote:

> BTW...that Atkins diet sounds horrendous! Do people really do that??? Yuch!

Yep - 2 friends of mine, and also my fiance! He first did it when I was 
pre-pump and unable to miss meals easily, so trying to make a meal that we 
both could enjoy was bloody difficult! I must say that he and our friends did 
lose weight very quickly on it, but I am not happy about his doing it for 
more than a few weeks as I believe it to be very unhealthy. There are some 
plus points - you cut out caffeine, alcohol and sugar, and drink lots of 
water. You are also able to eat as much as you like of non-root veg such as 
salads. I just can't bring myself to approve of a diet which says 'eat as 
much meat as you want but don't eat any fruit"!

Yes, it has caused a few domestic disagreements... *grin*

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