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[IPk] Ketones and meters and strips..

Ok...sorry for seeming to open a can of worms here(!)
Jo...where did you get the meter that tests for ketones? Sounds like a useful 
bit of equipment. 
I must point out that it was the previous diabetes care team that said I 
didn't need to test for ketones. This team I see now, and have had to go 
farther afield to see, are much better. I'd not had a 'proper' check up for 
years (in fact, going by the service I recd when I did get to Lancaster, I'd 
never had one)! as there was no consultant here, just locums and not 
diabetologists, either. So, hadn't been seen at the local hospital for three 
years. So, it wasn't the DSN's who are here now. They are really helpful, pro 
pumping and forward thinking. Just I'd never met them until recently! 
My GP is on the whole great. But as I have said, and I think it seems to be 
the same in a lot of places, they have to abide by the restrictions the PCT 
put on them re prescribing. They have a srict prescibing budget, which is 
always over the limit! You only get a months supply of everything, and 
questions are asked if they think you've exceeded that supply. Which often 
happens with the strips. But I do get them..in the end. 
Another thing is, apparently, every so often, a pharmacist employed by the 
PCT will go into each GP surgery in this area and do an audit of everyones 
prescribing records. If they find something there that looks like it hasn't 
been used in a long time, or something that seems to them to be being used 
more than it should, then it's either knocked off the re-prescription list or 
questions are asked of the patients. I've had problems with blood strips and 
insulins with this as some outdated guy has said that there is no need for 
two lots of insulins (doh)! and when I phoned for my repeat was told there 
was only one type, the glargine, on there and no novorapid! The surgery 
corrected it no problems so it was just a minor inconvenience. But it makes 
me wonder who these people are! The surgery told me this happens say twice a 
year. It's all down to cost in the end.
BTW...that Atkins diet sounds horrendous! Do people really do that??? Yuch!
Thanks for all the replies...
BW Helen
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