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Re: [IPk] Testing

Yeah, Abi and Caroline, I am getting worried about exactly what doctors are 
being told about the incidence of type 2 in younger people, whether the link 
with obesity is being made sufficiently clear. I'll admit to having had 
weight fluctuations in the past few years, but now I'm a UK 10/12 (6 at the 
Gap...one good thing about America ;> ) and I still get asked if I'm 
'diet-controlled'--even by medical students!

It's one thing when non-medically trained people think of type 1 as a 
'childhood illness' that can be 'outgrown', but when _physicians_ seem to 
assume that type 1s who are old enough, fit enough, and capable enough to 
assume university/career/family responsibilities are mythical creatures, 
that's so weird.

Today I sent an announcement about the diabetes group I've started to 
someone who can circulate it to the Oxford medical students specializing in 
diabetes. Oh yeah.

IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years; not a unicorn
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network

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Yes, i was bugged by this one at my last medication review. GP was fine,
inpressed by control, asked if I had enough energy, could do the things I 
wanted etc(obviously at least realsiing good A1c=increased risk of hypo)Even 
asked if I was having enough strips..then said" you are type 2 aren't you" 
i'm slim, in late 20s and been on insulin all along. Yes, I know there is a 
surge of type 2 in the young, but this is very rare unless in the presence 
of obesity. And in my limited experience, very overweight can with 
discipline manage to shed some weight but often can't get down to a very 
slim build

Do they think that all the kids with type 1 die before the age of 20 and are 
reincarnated as type 2? or perhaps we are abducted by aliens...

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