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Re: [IPk] Testing

Apparently its all the pharmacists' fault because they
> resent getting only one dispensing fee for sticking labels on four
> boxes instead of two.

Well, thought the GPs would have been glad about that. It at least saves the
NHS a dispensing fee

Yes testing is expensive but consider the body of a non DMER. How often is
their blood " tested " and insulin output adjusted. On a minute by minute
basis. And Dmers are expected and sometimes made to feel guilty if they
can't get A1c close to non DM levels;;;;
> I was also told that I couldn't have two different types of strips on
> my repeat. I have two meters and wanted the others available to me so I
> could get them without having to waste mine or my GP's time by taking
> up an appointment. What they completely failed to grasp was that having
> them there did not suddenly mean I was going to use more strips. They
> got the point when I wasted an appointment obtaining strips after my
> usual meter broke and I had to revert to my spare.(and I now have both
> on my repeat)

for this reason I buy a backup metre which is exactly the same. DSN gave me
a pocketscan about 1 yr ago, so I bought one as a backup. Have since
upgraded to one touch ultra and have also purchased a backup metre ( one
pocket scan broke but I have the other one still lurking around if anyone's
still I see this could be hard if you are a poor student and have to rely on
what the DSN has for freebies. But the drug companies give away so many I
can't see why you can't get 2 the same for free
medical professionals (who really should know
> better) to see the differences between type 1 and type 2. This one
> really bugs me. The number of times I've been asked what tablets I'm on
> and even whether I'm diet controlled ! I'm a 23 year old, relatively
> slim person - quite obviously a more likely candidate for type 1,

Yes, i was bugged by this one at my last medication review. GP was fine,
inpressed by control, asked if I had enough energy, could do the things I
wanted etc(obviously at least realsiing good A1c=increased risk of hypo)Even
asked if I was having enough strips..
then said" you are type 2 aren't you"
i'm slim, in late 20s and been on insulin all along. Yes, I know there is a
surge of type 2 in the young, but this is very rare unless in the presence
of obesity. And in my limited experience, very overweight can with
discipline manage to shed some weight but often can't get down to a very
slim build

Do they think that all the kids with type 1 die before the age of 20 and are
reincarnated as type 2? or perhaps we are abducted by aliens...
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