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[IPk] Ketone testing

I cannot believe people have been told that ketone strips are not 
needed now blood testing is used. For crying out loud, - IT MAKES NO 
SENSE!. Blood testing tells you your blood sugar level - nothing about 
ketones!! Its perfectly possible to have high sugars without producing 
ketones. Its also possible to have ketones at lower sugar levels, 
especially if you haven't been eating much (agreeing whole heartedly 
here with Melissa's comments re: The Atkins Diet), so its always worth 
testing when you feel generally ropey.

I test for ketones with every single reading above 16, which may be a 
little excessive, but has proved invaluable several times. (And also 
means that I have got through a huge number of ketone strips in the 
last few weeks!)

You need to demand ketone test strips. They're an essential part of 
diabetes kit!

Also, it is now possible to test for blood ketone levels, which is more
accurate in the same way as blood glucose testing is more accurate than
urine testing) The only meter that has this function is the 
Medisense Optium. You need a special strip, that, as far as I'm aware
still isn't available on prescription. But you can get them from 
Medisense or your DSN (although I wouldn't bank on that if your DSN is 
so unenlightened as to believe that you don't need to test for ketones.
Sorry if that sounds rude, but I'm still in shock)

Caroline Batistoni
email @ redacted
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