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Re: [IPk] question - off topic! - Melissa

What I was trying to say about urine bg testing is that it shows what your 
bg was like about 4 hours or so ago. It does not tell you a thing about what 
your bg was even 5 mins. ago unless your bg has been the same for the past 
several hours. It is _useless_ for determining what your bg is at the second 
you're peeing on the strip. Glucose testing via urinalysis has never told 
anyone the same information that a Pocketscan or similar modern meter 

Having high glucose in your urine--say, 14--at the minute that you have 
glucose in your blood--say, 3.4--tells you that your bg was high some hours 
ago and has since dropped low. That sort of info is good to have if you're 
on an intermediate or long-acting insulin and you're not sure what might 
have happened while you were asleep, for example. It could even be 
interesting if you're on a pump, though hopefully many of us get better 
hypo/hyper sensititivity out of tighter control so that we might actually 
wake up when we go too low or feel distinctly bad when we're quite high.

I hope things get better! Tell 'em your bg test strips really don't taste 
_that_ good and you're only testing so you don't DIE; if your practice has 
problems at that rate they can go...well, I won't say what they can go do. 
Oh, and about ketone testing being 'no longer necessary': did your clinic 
think you had been kidnapped by aliens and your body altered so that it 
would never produce ketones again?!



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Subject: Re: [IPk] question - off topic! - Melissa
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 06:12:29 EST
I was told years ago by the diabetes clinic that ketones testing was no
longer necessary. I dont use glucose urinalysis now as it's never been
accurate for me at all. I always have glucose present even when hypo.
Something to do with a threshold? I'll certainly keep ketostix in now,
though. Didn't know you could buy them. But being a bit strapped for cash 
tends to put me off doing that.
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