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Re: [IPk] question - off topic! - Melissa

Hi Abi,

Fortunately I have not yet had to fight about the number of strips I get. I 
have occasionally had trouble obtaining them because they have been out of 
stock (like I'm suddenly going to stop needing them or something; honestly, 
all the dispensary staff in the Boots where I get my prescriptions know me 
by name 'cause I'm in there so much!), but no one's told me I'm using too 
many. I referring to the folks who have written in to say they've had their 
prescriptions reduced (at least 3 people, far as I recall).

As for type 2s, I haven't encountered a type 2 who tests more than three 
times a week, let alone the c. twice a day that would make more than 50 
strips/month necessary. I would be interested to see statistics from the NHS 
indicating the percentage of type 2s actually requesting more than one box 
of 50 test strips/month.

Given that some of us type 1s have been told to reduce strip usage, I would 
bet a bottle of wine that whether a type 2 is on insulin or not has not been 
factored in when he/she has been told 50 strips/month full-stop, but I could 
be wrong.


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Subject: Re: [IPk] question - off topic! - Melissa
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 > And then they want to _halve_ some *type 1s'* allotments of bg test 
strips because some *type 2s* are testing 'too often' (personally, I've 
never met a type 2 who tests often enough, but whatever).
Have you had to fight to get enough strips?

I can see the argument re type 2 to a certain extent, especially if v. early 
in course of disease and when obesity/ insulin resistance is the major 
problem, so a longterm change in dietary habits will be the most important 
factor in improving control. Of course you can't adjust oral hypoglycaemics 
according to BG to the extent that you can insulin, And as far as I am awre 
there isn't such a hypo risk (i wonder whether those on sulphonylureas 
should be checking BG before driving just in case)
What about type 2s who have to go on insulin. I wonder if strips are often
rationed to 50 a month still as they are still type 2s?

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