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Re: [IPk] question - off topic! - Melissa

I've lost count of how many times I've been told I test too often. Thankfully 
not by the team I see now but certainly with the local diabetes care team in 
the past, nearly every vist! Apparently I wasn't relying on my own feelings 
enough to see if I was hypo/hyper! And that made me unable to recognise 
symptoms!!!!!!!! My docs did try and cut the amount of strips I used per the 
local PCT or whatever it was called guidelines at the time. I made it quite 
clear I was not happy with this, but even now I will be asked each time I 
phone for a repeat prescription how many times I test a week so they can work 
out how many I should use a month if they think I've gone through too many. ( 
I think they think I eat them...it does have on the box do not swallow)! All 
the GP's here are way over budget with prescriptions right now. They're 
trying to cut whatever way they can.
I was told years ago by the diabetes clinic that ketones testing was no 
longer necessary. I dont use glucose urinalysis now as it's never been 
accurate for me at all. I always have glucose present even when hypo. 
Something to do with a threshold? I'll certainly keep ketostix in now, 
though. Didn't know you could buy them. But being a bit strapped for cash 
tends to put me off doing that. Have to buy a lot of things I used to get on 
'script now, such as loperamide for my bowel probs, aciclovar cream for the 
recurrent coldsores due to being run down, (and that works out expensive) and 
alchohol swabs, painkillers, etc.
Having a moan!
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