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Re: [IPk] question - off topic! - Melissa

but go ahead and develop DKA and get really
> sick and need to go to A&E and we, the NHS, will be happy to spend a few
> hundred pounds sorting you out. What was that they used to say about an
> ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure? Tosh!'

and then try to force one to come off the pump( I mean longterm, not re
acute crisis) because pumping is dangerous!!
> For crying out loud.
> And then they want to _halve_ some *type 1s'* allotments of bg test strips
> because some *type 2s* are testing 'too often' (personally, I've never met
> type 2 who tests often enough, but whatever).
Have you had to fight to get enough strips?

I can see the argument re type 2 to a certain extent, especially if v. early
in course of disease and when obesity/ insulin resistance is the major
problem, so a longterm change in dietary habits will be the most important
factor in improving control. Of course you can't adjust oral hypoglycaemics
according to BG to the extent that you can insulin, And as far as I am awre
there isn't such a hypo risk (i wonder whether those on sulphonylureas
should be checking BG before driving just in case)
What about type 2s who have to go on insulin. I wonder if strips are often
rationed to 50 a month still as they are still type 2s?
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